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Historical Insights with Idaho City Walking Tour Near Meridian, ID

Idaho City is a historic mining town located about 10 miles northeast of Meridian, ID. The town was founded in 1863 during the Idaho Gold Rush, and it quickly became one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the West. Today, Idaho City is a popular tourist destination, and its many historic buildings have been preserved.

One of the best ways to experience Idaho City’s history is to take a walking tour. The tour is about 2 miles long, and it takes you past some of the town’s most iconic landmarks, including the Idaho State Capitol Building, the Idaho Territorial Governor’s Mansion, and the Idaho City Cemetery.

The tour is also a great way to learn about the town’s role in the Idaho Gold Rush. You’ll learn about the miners who came to Idaho City in search of their fortune, and you’ll see the places where they lived and worked.

The walking tour is a great way to spend a day in Idaho City. It’s a fun and educational experience that will give you a deeper understanding of the town’s history.

Highlights of the Walking Tour

The walking tour of Idaho City includes a number of highlights, including:

  • The Idaho State Capitol Building
  • The Idaho Territorial Governor’s Mansion
  • The Idaho City Cemetery
  • The Idaho City Courthouse
  • The Idaho City Mining District Museum

Each of these landmarks has its own unique story to tell, and they all offer a glimpse into Idaho City’s rich history.

How to Take the Walking Tour

The walking tour of Idaho City is self-guided, and you can start it at any point. However, the tour is most easily accessed from the Idaho City Visitor Center, which is located at 205 S. Idaho Street.

The Visitor Center has a map of the tour, as well as information about each of the landmarks. You can also pick up a brochure with a QR code that you can scan to listen to an audio tour of the town.

The walking tour takes about 2 hours to complete, and it’s a relatively easy walk. However, there are a few hills, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

Tips for Taking the Walking Tour

Here are a few tips for taking the walking tour of Idaho City:

  • Start early in the day, so you can avoid the heat.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Take your time and enjoy the sights.
  • Stop at the Idaho City Visitor Center to pick up a map and brochure.

The walking tour of Idaho City is a great way to experience the town’s rich history and culture. It’s a fun and educational experience that you won’t want to miss.

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